Salem/ Keizer , OR

Free delivery to the following zip codes:


(97301, 97302, 97304

97305, 97306, 97317)





Mt. Angel






$10 Additional Delivery Charge

St. Paul 


Rental Rates:

  • $84 - Standard Yard Card (1 phrase)

   Example: Happy 16th Birthday <Name>

   Example: Welcome Home or We got the Keys  

  • $94- Double Name 

   Example: Happy 10th Birthday <Name> and <Name>

  • $104 - Deluxe Yard Card (2 phrases)

   Example: Happy 9th Birthday <Name> We Love You!


We do our Yard Card set-ups anywhere between  8PM-9:15PM the night before the event date and then we generally start pick-ups around 7PM the following evening.

Hello I am Heather with Hooray! Yard Cards of Salem.  I am happy to be partnering with my friend Dezmoree in spreading joy and helping you celebrate all those big moments in life with personalized Yard Cards. 


I am a mom of 2 sons and have always loved to celebrate any event in their lives in a big way. Hooray! takes those events and lets you make them unique and memorable. 


We are a locally owned and operated company, so you deal directly with us. Help us share our passion and let us help you with a custom Yard Card!

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